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Language Travel Ireland

Special Option Prices

OptionPer week 

Dublin Region Supplement 75 

Private Bathroom180 

Airport Transfer150 


Extra Nights Stay110 

Prices quoted are subject to change

Special Options

The below are a list of additional options which are not included in the basic price of your course unless otherwise stated.  These options will depend on the individual needs and requirements of each student that comes to Ireland.  So we have left it up to you to decide if you want them.

Dublin Region Supplement

Dublin is the capital city of Ireland and has a population of 1.1 million.  Because of extra costs for families who live in the capital city, placements of students with host families in the Dublin region requires an additional payment.  


We can arrange a transfer from the nearest airport, station or seaport to your host family. N.B. Students under 16 MUST take 2-way transfers unless we are informed that they will be accompanied by their parents on arrival and departure.

Private Bathroom

With this option, we guarantee that you will be placed with a host family where you will have access to your own private bathroom.  (This option is included in the English for Business course.)

Cocooning / Extra Supervision

Closer supervision is designed for under 18s. We guarantee that the host teacher or an adult member of the family is at home at all times when the student is there. N.B. Students under 12 MUST take this option.  This guarantee does not include activities.

Extra Nights Accommodation Full Board

This option can be selected if you wish to stay an extra night at beginning or end of your stay with your host family.  It is only available on a full board basis.

Destinations in Ireland

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Student Testimonials

Marine, Age 24, France

My teacher encouraged me to talk and increased my confidence.  My family was very friendly so I felt included in the family.

Anna, Age 55, Italy

I was completely satisfied with my experience.  It’s my first time I had an English language vacation but I am sure I will have another one.