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Language Travel Ireland


Fast Facts about Ireland

Number of tourists per year
7.3 million (More than there are residents)

Territory size
70, 300 sq km

4.2 million (Republic)
1.7 million (Northern Ireland)

Spoken language

Ireland is an increasingly popular destination for students of English from all over the world.  Each year over 130,000 students come to Ireland to learn English.  The Lonely Planet travel guide recently named Ireland as the World’s Friendliest Country in a list of top travel destinations.  They say that visitors are in for a treat and that Irish people have a dark sense of humour, welcoming nature and ability to have fun in boom or bust times.

Small but perfectly formed Ireland’s a small country, but there’s a staggering amount to see and do.   The country’s compact size makes it easy to travel around. The easygoing locals live up to their reputation as being one of the friendliest people in the world.  Getting to know the Irish is like finding a friend for life. At the heart of Ireland is the often breath­taking scenery and beautiful countryside.


Experience an island of contrasts. Ireland’s a land of contrasts and it’s thrilling to discover the country’s many different sides.  From the urban buzz of Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Galway cities, to the sparkling seas and coastline of the West and the crisp, fresh air of the countryside.   Ireland is full of surprises and a great destination for an English language course!

Discover a country steeped in history. Ireland’s history will blow your mind. From turbulent land wars to tragic famines, the country’s past is written all over the land with an exceptional variety of historical attractions, which are guaranteed to fascinate the visitor.  The Irish culture has taken thousands of years to develop, so cherish every moment.

The Irish welcome is the real deal, and millions of visitors testify to the ease with which they made friends here. Someone will stop and help you find your way when you’re standing on a corner with a map; you will start up a conversation if you’re sitting alone in a cafe or pub; and there is a very good chance that if you’re stuck somewhere a local will volunteer to give you a lift to wherever you need to go.


Destinations in Ireland

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Student Testimonials

Marine, Age 24, France

My teacher encouraged me to talk and increased my confidence.  My family was very friendly so I felt included in the family.

Anna, Age 55, Italy

I was completely satisfied with my experience.  It’s my first time I had an English language vacation but I am sure I will have another one.