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Student:ClaraAge: 14

France (Chaville)

"Thank you for this great week! I loved the Equestrian Centre Programme. The horse-riding was super! I loved being outdoors and doing all the horse jumping. (Thank you Gismo, I loved you!) All the girls during the pony camp and lessons talked to me and they were all very nice!  The English lessons were also great and I really improved my English.  Thank you Lisa, you were kind to me like Leona.  Well, everyone was kind with me!  I also had a very nice room, with a very comfortable bed!  The food was very good!  Even if sometimes the weather was cold, I really like Ireland!  (Also, Thank you Kassy, you are my little Irish friend!) This was one of my best holidays!  (I am not lying!) I don't want to go but I need to because I have school to go back to.  One thing is for sure, I will come back!"  Clara

Student:CharlesAge: 13

France (Meudon)

"During my son's intensive English course, he found the family very warm and welcoming.  He had a very rich stay, discovered a lot and did plenty of activities.  Our son progressed and learned well from his teacher.  All went really well throughout his stay and Charles would be delighted to come back again and stay with this host family.  The fact that  we had the facility to choose his host family between many host families proposed and to have information on family's life and habits, helped us to choose a family which our child would be able to integrate well with.  It's a real "plus" of LTI. Also to have to have the facility to contact the family once booked is very reassuring for parents mainly with children under 15 years of age."  Kind Regards, Patricia Lerouge.

Student:JulietteAge: 12

Casa (Mexico)

"Before having done this Farmstay programme, Juliette never had been alone away without her parents, except on a France trip with her class.  She returned home after her stay in the Hathaway's family with a beautiful English accent, a passion for horses and beautiful memories and full of positive emotions on he first trip.  Mrs Hathaway has done beyond her call of duty as an English teacher and obligations, she made sure that Juliette felt at home and part of the family in a warm and loving environment, in the beautiful countryside of Ireland.  Mrs Hathaway has peerless human qualities that permitted Juliette to have an easy integration within her home and family, a woman with such a big heart and always on hand.  I greatly recommend this family for your future students."  Kind Regards, Benoits Larrouquis

Student:MilèneAge: 17

France (Paris)

"Milène my daughter was very happy with her Intensive English Course.   She was greeted warmly by the Barnes Family and wishes to return. The choice of this host family was excellent.  This trip has met our exact expectations.  It gave confidence to my daughter, created an environment for practicing the English language in daily activities and experience life in a family from another Country.  The detailed description of the proposed host families, the photographs sent have helped us to choose and better prepare for her stay.  It is a shame that we have not been able to meet you in person. Your comprehensive website and information by telephone will allow us to continue booking with your organisation.  M. & Mme Bruyant"


Germany (Gelting-Geretsried)

"Honestly - it was wonderful for her.  The host family was so nice and caring we are really grateful.  She learned a lot and enjoyed every second of her English course and stay.  Thank you very much!" Regine Kiefer 

Student:Hugo & NathanAge:15Country:

France (Champcueil)

"Hugo and Nathan were delighted with their English course in Dublin in all respects.  The Dublin Rugby Summer Camp was up to their expectations, the English lessons (the main focus of their stay) and also I believe that their relationship with the host families was excellent.  So I must tell you how highly we regard your organisation."  Regards Cédric Masse


Italy (Rome)

"I am pleased to say that the experience of Laura on her Farmstay Plus English Course in Ireland has been very positive. Exquisite hospitality from Mrs Jacqueline O'Farrell, excellent teaching, plenty of activities with animals and visits to other areas of the country.  Laura has great memories of her experience and feels refreshed in the use of her English. She was really welcomed into the host family and was made to feel like one of their own.  My wife Serena and I, thank you very much for giving Laura this opportunity and for your great advice."  Kindest Regards, Aldo & Maria Valli 

Student: MarineAge: 24Country: France 

“My experience in Ireland was very good.  I was very happy.  In the mornings, I had my lessons and in the afternoons we went for a walk.  My teacher encouraged me to talk and helped me increase my confidence.  My family was very friendly so I felt included in the family.  I had a spacious and comfortable room.  I think my teacher was an excellent teacher because she takes time to explain any mistakes.  I would like to come to Ireland again.”

Student: PhilippeAge: 18Country:France 

“The Irish people are welcoming and friendly.  My favourite part in Ireland is the green fields.  I played a lot of sport.  I played golf in Limerick Golf Club and soccer on the astro turf in the University of Limerick.  I discovered a new sport called hurling.  This is Ireland’s national sport.  Irish people are passionate about hurling.  I was accepted very well because of my love for this sport.  I went to the cinema with my family and I went also for a swim in the leisure centre in Limerick.  I had a good time and I learned a lot of English. ”

Student: AnnaAge: 55Country: Italy 

“I was completely satisfied with my experience.  It’s my first time I had an English language vacation but I am sure that in the next few years I will have another one.  The family was very friendly.  All family helped me to improve my English, but not only that, they also shared with me a big part of their free time.  I found some friends.   The accommodation was comfortable. The food was every day different, good and healthy. My teacher, every day, asked me in advance if dinner, she had planned was okay.  My teacher was very good. She always had a particular attention to my speaking.  She had a personal teaching plan for me.”

Student: JohannaAge: 16Country: Germany 

“It was first journey without my parents to another country and I’ve enjoyed it very much.  The house of my family had a very nice garden.  In the evening, we had a barbeque in their garden and a few friends came. They were really nice and they told me a lot of their lives.  The English lessons with my teacher were good and we had a lot of fun.  She has a game for English learners so we played it once a day.  Her lessons were diversified and my three hours passed very quickly because they weren’t boring.  One day, we went to Fota Wildlife Park and I saw giraffes, monkeys and a lot more animals.  Another day, we drove to Galway and went to visit their relatives.  I saw the beautiful landscape of Ireland from the car.  While we were driving through the beautiful scenery, my teacher and her two daughters sang Irish songs.  I enjoyed my trip to Ireland and definitely I will come back.” 

Student: CarmenAge: 28Country: Spain 

“My thoughts about my time in Ireland.  I can say it was a very pleasant time for me.  I have learned many things about the people of Ireland, the healthy food and the English language.  The town of Killaloe is nice and lovely and especially the old church.  Also, the county of Kerry where I travelled on Saturday and Sunday was beautiful.  My lessons in English with my teacher were very interesting, because we talked about the daily things, the people in Ireland and Spain, the different customs and so on.  I think this was a good way to learn the English language.” 

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Student Testimonials

Marine, Age 24, France

My teacher encouraged me to talk and increased my confidence.  My family was very friendly so I felt included in the family.

Anna, Age 55, Italy

I was completely satisfied with my experience.  It’s my first time I had an English language vacation but I am sure I will have another one.