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Why LTI Courses?

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We believe the best way to learn English is through living it.  Our English courses provide the unique opportunity to learn English through living in the home of your own private teacher in Ireland and receiving private English lessons.  You will also receive a unique experience of Irish family life and culture.  The aim of our courses is to help you make rapid improvement in your English in the shortest possible time.  All of our English courses are intensive but varied.  You won’t believe how much your English will improve.

Complete Isolation from Your Own Language
We believe the complete isolation from your own language is the only sure way to make rapid improvement in your English. You will have no contact with other foreign students as is the case with traditional English schools where lessons and accommodation are shared and students speak their own language after class. Mealtime conversations, visits, television and social contacts are all in the English. Living with your teacher means that you will be guided and corrected not only during the English lessons but at all times when the teacher and student are together.

It’s all about You
You choose the dates to suit you as our English courses operate all year round. You can choose 10, 15, 20 or 25 hours of English lessons per week and stay for as many weeks as you like.  On all our English courses, the private English lessons are taught on a one-to-one basis which means that you will have the full attention of your teacher.  The teacher will not be distracted by the needs of other students.  You will learn English at your own pace.  We treat you as an individual. All our English courses are designed with your needs in mind and not the needs of a group.

You live in the home of the teacher in a comfortable single room and there are no other students being hosted at the same time, unless you specifically request this. The price includes full board accommodation. With enough advance notice, we also aim to place you with a teacher that shares your interests or is qualified in a subject that you are interested in.  Other requests such as age, pets, children, smokers etc should also be given to us at the time of booking.

Destination Ireland
Ireland was recently voted the world’s friendliest country.  You will be treated as a member of the family from the moment you arrive in Ireland and will be guaranteed a warm Irish welcome. For students who are shy or nervous about speaking English, your friendly Irish family will do their very best to make you feel at home.  Our English courses are available in several locations throughout Ireland, not just in the Dublin region.  Learn English in Galway, Dublin, Cork or Limerick. 

Qualified Teachers
All our teachers have either a teaching certificate recognised by the state or a university degree (or equivalent) accepted in the private sector. In addition, they have all been awarded the Trinity Certificate, which means the qualifications have been verified and the teachers’ homes have been inspected. 

Local Support
Each location has a local organiser whose job it is to monitor the progress of each student and to make sure the experience is both happy and successful. A phone call to the local organiser brings an immediate response even for the smallest problem.

Our English Courses are Suitable for all Ages
There is no longer any need for the mature student to feel shy or nervous in a large class of differing ages and abilities. The unwilling student cannot hide at the back of the class or miss lessons because he lives and studies in his teacher's home. Adolescents from a sheltered background can easily be supervised by the teacher according to their parents' wishes.

Destinations in Ireland

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Student Testimonials

Marine, Age 24, France

My teacher encouraged me to talk and increased my confidence.  My family was very friendly so I felt included in the family.

Anna, Age 55, Italy

I was completely satisfied with my experience.  It’s my first time I had an English language vacation but I am sure I will have another one.